Hi, I’m Amy.

I believe in Potential, yours and mine. We are capable of extraordinary things, things which make us feel happy, fulfilled, challenged, alive. The way our society works, we can find ourselves funnelled into doing and being something which doesn’t quite touch the heart of who we are, or what we have to offer to the world. More and more, people are searching for that sense of meaning and purpose, and it is my passion to help anyone who comes my way to discover what that is for them.

I’ve been a Coach for 10 years now, working with small business owners on their new ideas, and private individuals on living happier and more fulfilled lives. We all have far greater potential than we realise, and my job is to help you spread your wings, achieve more, and be happier and more successful in your life and in your work.

The reality is that we can’t always do it on our own, and we rarely push ourselves to be everything that we can be. The question is, what would YOU do if you couldn’t possibly fail, and if not now, when?

It’s not always easy. If you want to know about the challenges I have overcome, you can read my story below.

Love and Loss

I Choose Life

Drop me a line or give me a call on 07989 440972 and we can have an initial chat about YOUR story and how you can get started on the next chapter.

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