How to stay strong when the walls come crashing down

I’m in a change period of my life, and not for the first time. At Christmas, the walls came crashing down and I found myself exposed to the elements. What I once thought was true, wasn’t; people I had previously believed in turned suddenly into strangers I didn’t recognise; my life as it had been up until that point became an alien landscape; everything was out of my control. Or so I thought.

We’ve all been there, whether because of illness, grief, redundancy, relationship break-up, trauma. That’s Life, as they say. Always delivering the unexpected; and you’d better be ready for it! But how? How do you prepare for disaster, chaos and confusion when you’re happily ambling along in your daily life?

I have two pieces of advice: surround yourself with the love of family, friends and unexpected champions (the friends you didn’t know you had) and, most importantly, KNOW WHAT YOUR VALUES ARE. Because sometimes, all the friends, family and champions aren’t immediately available.

Your VALUES are what make you the unique individual you are, your foundation. They are what you stand on against the elements, what enable you to hold your head up high, make confident decisions, be authentic in every situation, no matter how hard, and maintain your integrity. Your VALUES are your own personal compass and map in the unique story of your life. Without the certainty of these Values, I would have floundered in the early weeks and months of this year. Knowing WHO I am, and knowing that no-one could take that away from me, enabled me to stand strong, retain my dignity, and face the uncertain future.

So, how do you know what your Values are? Well, if you’re free tomorrow evening from 7.00-9.00pm,  call The Bagnall Centre in Chesham on 01494 791288 and book a place on my ‘Who Do You Think You Are? seminar and I’ll get you started on claiming your true identity, raising your confidence and discovering that all the guidance and wisdom you need is right there inside you.

The cost of this seminar is £20.00. A valuable investment in yourself. And if at the end of the seminar you don’t think it was worth it, I’ll give you your money back.

“If you have ever found yourself thinking “I’m sure I used to be happier than this!” or “Something’s not quite right but I can’t put my finger on it.”, then I can heartily recommend Amy’s Being Human Seminars!  Amy has a gentle wisdom and strength borne of real-life experience which comes through in the seminars which are challenging and thought-provoking but also supportive and nurturing.  If you want to take the first steps on the path to a greater understanding of yourself (the first steps back to happiness), start here!” Lawrence


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