The Power of Love, Community and Joy

Spring Joy

In the last few days I’ve had three immense experiences of Joy. It’s at those times that everything seems clear, that Life reveals its true meaning – when deep in your solar plexus everything feels incredible, that you’re in the right place, and the glow that you feel inside seems to radiate over your surroundings. The first of these for me last week was visiting the Inspired Entrepreneur Community for a celebration event. I’ve been attending Nick Williams’ events for over 10 years now, put together by Nick and his business partner, Niki Hignett. In all that time, I have come away every time with a sense of belonging, of having spent some time with my ‘Tribe’, and always inspired. On this particular occasion, I not only enjoyed reconnecting with Nick and Niki, but bumping into 2 people I knew who had never attended one of these events before, as well as meeting up with other members of the Community who I hadn’t seen for a while. I found myself smiling throughout the evening, during all the presentations, not out of politeness, but a smile which started in my gut, rose up through my heart, and burst out onto my face! That might sound a bit weird, but that’s truly what it felt like. In fact, I’ll be honest with you, when the Labi Siffre song ‘Something Inside So Strong’ started playing in the break, I felt like crying! Joyful tears, of course. Being in this type of Community and feeling that I was in a place which taps into all the Values I hold dear, is a source of Joy for me.

Come the weekend, I walked into town, where the monthly Local Produce Market was on, at that time, to the soundtracks of a local band I know who were promoting a forthcoming music festival. A mixed group of my friends were listening to the music, and I was greeting warmly. Once again I felt that sense of Belonging and Joy which comes from being part of a Community. As I walked back up the high street, I bumped into an old friend of my mum’s, who I had wanted to see, and took her number so that I could arrange to meet with her to hear some stories of times she had spent with my mum.

Then on Sunday, I shared a Sunday feast with some of my family, full of catching up and laughter, from my (second) mum’s very impressive peacock impression to other hilarious and unrepeatable conversations! More Love, more Joy, in the Community of family. Happy days :) What gives you Joy…? What causes that bubble of happy energy to rise up and spread itself across your face? Know it, seek it out, bring more of it into your life!

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