Who do you think you are…?

I love a good café; ideally independent, and particularly with a creative, non-conformist feel, with friendly service, integrity and very importantly, serving great coffee! This morning I was in my current favourite café preparing to catch up on a bit of work having just seen a client, and I watched another customer selecting her place to sit. She reminded me of Goldilocks, first trying out the large sofa, then spotting another table with a choice of different types of chairs. Gathering up her belongings, she crossed the café and sat down in the first of the comfy chairs, leant back for a second, frowned, then moved to the slightly larger wing-backed armchair, where with a sigh of contentment she opened her book and started reading.

We are all different, and in the same way that I select my favourite cafés and Goldilocks chooses her place to sit and read, we choose a place where we feel most comfortable, have a sense of belonging, and which suits our way of being, where we can be ourselves.

Sometimes, however, ‘being ourselves’ can in itself become a challenge, as Life makes demands on us and we settle into roles which suit our circumstances, environment, expectations, preconceptions, and the people around us. As we successfully play out the roles of child, sibling, parent, friend, worker, provider, housekeeper, entertainer, listener, bill payer, comforter, advisor, cook, etc, the sense of self, of ‘I’ gets blurred, and often lost in the mist. In my new client sessions, I frequently hear phrases like “I don’t know who I am any more”, “I just want to be myself”, “I’ve lost myself”, and “Who am I…?”

In order to start this process of exploration and discovery, I take my clients on a journey to the centre of their being to excavate that which makes them unique, strong and confident. This source will lead them to reclaim their identity, and sometimes to claim it for the very first time. This source is their Values, the principles by which they live their lives when they are at their most contented, the internal compass which gives them direction, the foundation of their true authenticity. This clarity can be a huge revelation for some, a ‘coming home’ to others, and an increase in confidence for all. Once you have shone the light on this buried treasure, you can begin the journey of really Being You.

If you would like to discover your buried treasure, bringing clarity, confidence and direction, give me a call or drop me a line. There’s no time like the present!


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